Hello friends and welcome,

    To me music is the vessel in which I am able to navigate my life in a spiritually centered and faithful way. My passions lie not only in the music itself but also in building community, inspiring compassion, and helping to develop opportunities to gather and appreciate the human experience.  I try each day to do this anywhere and everywhere I find myself. Over the years I've had the great fortune of traveling all over this beautiful planet and through my travels have gotten a glimpse at the potential and true caring nature of humanity.  I hope that in some way, big or small, I am able to use my abilities and opportunities to further share those experiences and to help create them for others. This website is dedicated to that vision.  It is a way to connect you to me and hopefully me to you.  Listen, watch, read, and enjoy, and please don’t be a stranger.

Much Love,

-John Beacher



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