House Concerts


House concerts are an incredibly intimate and wonderful way to hear music and to bring people together. They provide a great opportunity to connect to the songwriter and the songs. When throwing a house concert, however, it's important to emphasize and create a listening environment. There is a difference between a party and a house concert. If you are interested in throwing a house concert for John we can help.  Just send us a message with your idea and the date you are thinking of and we will provide you with support on how to have the most successful night possible!


"Seeing John Beacher is kind of a musical smorgasbord (with great food). He has the ability to make you laugh, think, feel, dance, just to name a few. He is amazingly able to deliver a wide range musical styles from beautiful melodies to 1940s jazz to hip hop and scat, all with an authenticity that is both rare and a joy to see. We were able to have John play at a house concert at the end of the summer. Rain that day made us wonder if we could even have John perform but the rain stopped and John’s performance shifted a soggy event into a wonderful and joyous experience..."
-Bill and Chanin Milnazik, Doylestown, PA

"Last year, John made the trek down here to my home in the DC area and it was the highlight of the summer.  It was such a unique, amazing experience for everyone involved.  It was special to have such a powerful musical performance right in my house. Everyone was blown away by the professionalism, talent, and energy that John brought to the show.  My friends still talk about how much fun that night was and with John coming back for round two this summer, we are all looking forward to another night of great music."
-Mike and Meredith Cordisco, Alexandria, VA

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