Brothers From Another Mother

  From folk to funk, reggae to bluegrass, blues to country, these two musical brothers cover it all. With a huge catalogue of originals and covers, a deep sense of musical history, and decades of combined experience, the potential for this duo is seemingly limitless. Capable of producing grooves that move your feet, harmonies that move your heart, and words that move your mind, Beacher and Kresge are not to be missed.

Neighbors and family friends at a very early age, John Beacher and Matt Kresge lost touch for decades when their families both moved from their small town in Monmouth County NJ. Both were completely unaware of the other's musical pursuits until, by a stroke of fate, they were reunited by a mutual friend who felt their musical styles were comparable.

Seemingly overnight the two began to realize not only their natural chemistry as musicians, but the uncanny similarity in their playing styles and musical tastes. In 2018 they began playing gigs together and their act has begun to pick up momentum. Beacher and Kresge's love of playing music together is captivating and uplifting. Their musicianship, songwriting, and combined ability to improvise with loop stations and effects creates a sound far beyond your typical duo.