1. You

From the recording YOU


Took a walk outside today
Smelled the smell of fresh flowers faintly on the breath of May
The sky was grey
Soon as I saw the sunshine would shine through
My lips began to smile cause I though of you
Where did you come from how did you find me
How did you know how to set my soul and mind free
Don’t mind me, if I start to cry see
The power of your love could help the very blind to see
At first I thought this all just couldn’t be
Saying it’ll fall apart you just wait and see
And then I looked into your eyes
To find a true love that never dies


you got me feeling
like I never felt better

got me feeling so good good good

Never in my whole life could I ever had depicted
A more natural sweet emotion unforeseen and unpredicted
And though it seemed so scary yesterday
Today I’m feeling bright and coincidentally a okay
From the earth to the moon and back again
That’s how I feel when I’m with you my friend
Completely perturbed by my future and my past
Just holding on cause all I want is each moment to last
So I laugh, and you laugh at me laughing at you, what can I do
it ‘s a circle it’s confusing but I love it
cause I’m losing all my consciousness of it


The morning sun creeps into my room as you lie here next to me
brushes softly across your face as you sleep so quietly
And I sit here and wonder, how it could be
That a creature as pure as you could love a man as crude as me
And as we last longer our love grow stronger
and nothing on this earth could ever take me away
I never thought I ever could, ever ever feel this good
and there is just one more thing, that I have got to say