1. Skipping Stone

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Skipping Stone

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This is a song about the healing power of nature, and about how we can use nature to find ourselves and connect with those we have lost.  I hope you enjoy it. 


Skipping Stone

Sunlight on the river
Sparkling through the trees
Colors of the autumn dancing
On the indian summer breeze
Sitting on an old oak log
Looking at a dying day
Thinking about the way I am
And how time keeps slipping away

Everything about this heart is home
Sitting in the woods here on my own
Give me a river and a skipping stone
My life is a ripple in the middle of the great unkown

Verse 2

I used to think a man of action
Had to be heavy sharp and rough
I used to think if you weren't angry
Then you just didn't care enough
I times I've thought my problems
Could be solved by forceful thinking
Just ended up a man of rage
Who was an asshole when he was drinking


As i sit in nature's grace
Feel her wind upon my face
And ancient feeling in my bones
Like I'm one with earth and stone
And i hear my fathers voice
Whisper in my ear
Saying son should you get lonesome
You can always find me here

Verse 3
Time it is relentless
It’s a taker and a giver
You get tumbled around and worn on down
Like the rocks in this old river
Nature she's a teacher
And I’m beginning now to see
With patience I’m a stronger man
And in stillness I am free