1. Love

From the recording John Beacher

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Let us open up our hearts and pray
That the world will let us be today
To get lost among our own creation
And get wrapped up in imagination
we can sing we can dance
take a chance it don’t mean that we are fools
we got the tools we got the time
we got a light that needs to shine
so many things that we can be
we got to be free
cause only

it moves the heart
creates the space for understanding
and a place that we can start
will come and go
but in the end though we pretend
we must admit that love is all we have to show

Well I watch the images of war
and I wonder what we’re fighting for
Cause most of us would be content
just to eat and pay our rent
what’s a lie what is true
what can I do as just one man
to help the whole world understand
with all the misuse and abuse of power
everything changing by the hour
there’s so much anger deep in me
I got to be free


Well so many of us live in fear
that our lives will one day disappear
but the deepest root to all our dread
is that we’ll be forgotten once we’re dead
but the beauty of the human soul
is the more it give the more it’s whole
and though our names may cease to ring
the love we gave will always sing