1. Please You

From the recording John Beacher

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Please You

Baby we both need some love
and we’ve got tonight
we should do it right
be everything we’re dreaming of

shadows dancing on the wall
everything is still
we’ve got time to kill
why don’t we just give it all

I have known you for some time
you’ve always been a friend
but tonight I can’t pretend
cause I get stupid when you smile

so far from home
nothing seems right nothing seems real
here on my own
all that I know is how I feel
deep in your arms
I am a man who’s intentions are true
and baby
all I need tonight is to please you

your body is a miracle
your presence is divine
the softness of your lips
reminds me that I’m still alive

I can see it when you walk
your beauty so elite
your movements so discreet
I can’t remember how to talk

tomorrow I’ll be leaving you
we’ll both be going home
but tonight we’re all alone
there’s only one thing left to do