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Stop the Bleeding

feels like we are in an endless maze
everything moving so fast these days
spinning circles upside down
too much negativity going round
we’re all living in a time of war
nobody even knowing what were fighting for
big money begets big money
I bet it’s big money, that’s what it’s for
tied up tied down
can’t find no common ground
so tightly we are wound
that we can not find any piece of mind around
doesn’t every body have a choice
to stand up tall and raise their voice
I tell you people
I got to got to know

when somebody gonna stop
stop the bleeding
cause the fate of our kind is at stake

Verse 2
each and every day on the TV screen
most horrifying things that I’ve ever seen
not just in Iraq but right in downtown
men women and children getting shot down
and you can’t believe anything you read
cause press is a chess piece powered by greed
big money begets big money
ain’t it funny how money
robs people of the things they need
I can tell you one thing for sure
killings a disease that’s hard to cure
and where there’s just a few there’s bound to be more
till we can’t even remember what we’re fighting for
it’s a god dam shame it’s a damn disgrace
we’re all members of the same damn race
I tell you people
I got to got to know