1. Bald Lenny

From the recording John Beacher

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Bald Lenny

driven by the voices that are running in my head
got a million things to keep me here but I want to run away instead
I need my freedom, I need my space
I need to wake up with a smile on my face
I want to spend my days sitting in the open grass
free to sit and talk to God, free to let the time go past
all of these lives spent, working for money
I try to laugh about it but it ain’t that funny

God I’m here
please don’t let me fall asleep
I am so afraid
of giving in to fear
losing all my faith
forgetting why I’m here

Oh God my sister, what has she become
forgot about the things she’s said forgot about the things she’s done
yeah she’s got problems, no more than most
could a been a savior right now she’s just a ghost
remember what she told me when I was just a boy
we were meant to work together bring the world a little joy

she didn’t know fear, until it found her
sunk into ground her, it’s gagged and bound her


even my own father as brilliant as he is
can’t find a way to fight his fear not even for his grand kids
he is a victim, he is a casualty
and in his mind, that’s all he’ll ever be