1. Betty Lee

From the recording John Beacher

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Betty Lee

Verse 1

took a walk outside this morning
with a skip up on my step
got to find my baby Betty cause I’m fifty-six dollars in debt
see I made a bet last evening
but I didn’t have the cash at the time
little steed eight came up late
to bad I bet it on number nine
so when it came time for losing
all my money had been spent on boozing
and the bookie told me he would chop off both my feet
so I told him he’d have his money by morning
and he gave me one last final warning
so I’m hoping Betty Lee can help me pay back to keep my feet
oh baby please, uh huh


Oh Betty Lee
Oh Betty Lee
ain’t got a dime in my pocket
surely you got something for me
Oh Betty Lee
Oh Betty Lee
ain’t got a dime in my pocket
surely you got something for me

Verse 2
now before the sun had started rising
there were several plans I’d been devising
but when I got to Betty’s house she wouldn’t open up the door
so I just sat outside stinking like rum
and when she opened the door I told her why I had come
she said “I thought I told you not to come ‘round here no more”
I said “please you do not understand
this brutes' a mean and nasty man
and if you don’t help me he’s gonna hurt me oh so bad”
she said “ you low down stinking dirty rat,
I’d pay to have you killed before I pay for that
now get the hell out of my house before you start to make me mad



Don’t know what to do and I don’t know what to say
wasted all my time on Betty now I got no time to run away
oh lord can you help me out of this heat
cause I just can not bear the thought of loosing both my feet


Verse 3
now after she slammed the door on me
I went back to my house and I got on one knee
and I prayed to God just to help me see this through
I said God if you could help me out
you know there ain’t no question no there ain’t no doubt
I’ll never bet again and this I promise you
and then I see him coming up the street
his beady eyes eyeing up my feet
and knife in hand he started coming cross the road
and as he shouted hey fool where’s my money
he tripped and fell right on route twenty
and was run over and killed by a semi with a ten ton load