From the recording John Beacher

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Do You Really Love Me

your dark eyes are resting upon my face
held by sweet summer lips that I long to taste
you reach up softly and caress my skin
and I’m held slowly in the state I’m in
the look in your eyes peels back my disguise
as I come tumbling out
and it’s harder to breath the more I believe
that I haven’t no reason to doubt
and isn’t it something
the way that we feel
there is just one thing that I’ve got to know
before I except this as real oh

do you really love me
the way I really love you
and can you really treat me
the way you say you want to
those tired words have broke my simple heart
so many times before
and i don’t think I could take it once more

I’ve known lovers who made me feel dizzy and weak
with words that could dance through my soul when they’d speak
lovers who’s passion could move me so much
they could blind me for life with their masterful touch
lovers who lie and promise a sky
that they ask you to hold up alone
and not till every last star falls to cinder and char
do you realize that your all alone
and I can’t help but wonder
as I so often do
of all the young lovers there are in this world
which kind of lover are you