1. Action

From the recording John Beacher

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Attention generation x to generation z
Generation w controls you with TV
They've kept us in the closet
They've told us where to go
Well I got news for all of yous it's time we let'em know
That the shit their doing, you know it just ain't right
Know time to waste we've got to get off our ass and fight
By fight I mean a paint brush, by fight I mean a pen
To educate our children not to ask this way again
By fight I mean some music with words that make you feel
A dedication to the truth to find out problems that are real
There's a light, I can see
There's a future and it starts with you and me


Anger is a waste of time
pollutes and it corrodes the mind
We've got soil, we've got seed
And action is the thing we need

Attention everybody to the people on the street
Who can't afford good water or a decent meal to eat
People caught with drugs and charged a federal crime
Who've lost their right to vote even after doing time
You know discrimination is alive and well
Put a man in prison and you sentence him to life in hell
By hell I mean no decent job, by hell I'm mean no pride
To strip some one of all their worth until their numb inside
By hell I mean no education no benefit of doubt
Just line up for your welfare check you've got no voice to shout
Intimidation has been spread around
Through out the ages to keep the masses down

Big government is a waste of time
Greedy clowns and corporate minds
We've got soil , we've got seed
and action is the thing we need

VERSE- only ½ as long
Most people in the world just want to live in peace
Most people int the world just want a home and food to eat
most people in the world don't want to kill don't want to die
In fact most people in the world are just like you and I
It's just a few, power hungry whores,
Who sit on the plush and tell us who we're fighting for

But people always have a choice
For numbers hold the loudest voice
and we've got soil, we've got seed
and action is the thing we need