1. Rise Up

From the recording Rise Up

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John Beacher- Rthm/Lead Gtr, Lead Vox
Mike Ruhl-Bass
Neal Carson-keys
Rob Kominsky- Drums
Michael Ronstatd- cello
John Stein- Harmonica
Laura Promiscuo- Backing vocals
LisaBeth Weber- Backing vocals

All music and lyrics by John Beacher


Sit and open up your eyes
if as you watch the world go by
every who and where and why
is making you feel stranded

Realize you are not alone
there are many who don’t feel at home
and it’s time to let our thoughts be known
that we’ll no longer stand it
Together we can rise above
be the ones we’re dreaming of
gather every ounce of love
and learn how to command it
Those of us whose hearts are brave
who no longer will be a slave
if hope and truth is what you crave
it’s time now to demand it


…and rise, rise,
rise up
Rise, rise, rise up

Look out to your local town
the food potential in your ground
Is your water supply sound
The question is worth knowing
How well can you self sustain
Do you know your neighbor’s name
If only those around remained
could you keep on going
Those of us who really care
about our water food and air
trade that’s local trade that’s fair
and soil worth a sowing
Time has come to stand and fight
corruption built on corporate might
the trend to do what’s just and right
is only just a growing

(Chorus x2)

…and rise, rise,
rise up
Rise, rise, rise up