From the recording Rise Up

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John Beacher- Lead/backing vocals, guitar
Mike Ruhl- Bass
Neal Carson- Keys
Michaels Ronstadt- Cello
Rob Kominsky- Drums
Dana Alexandra- Backing Vocals
Brad Staudle- Backing Vocals

All music and lyrics by John Beacher


The Darkness of the Day

I wake up and make my coffee
looking out onto the world below
It’s a sad and lonely life in the city
it’s a dog and pony show
every minute there’s a dead end dream
every second there’s a broken heart
it can be hard to keep your head up
as you watch it all fall apart
Then I’m amazed by the magic of a moment
and the miracle of light on life
The humble art of patiently observing
All the beauty in the pain and strife
for we are blessed to be a part of a movement
that’s greater than this shell we’re in
each one of us dancing through the shadows
until we find our way home again

In the darkness of the day
when everything you are is cold as stone
breathe beyond the grey
and you realize you’re never alone
in the darkness if the day

I walk out onto the city street
everybody has a place to be
It’s overwhelming how behind each set of eyes
there is a universe unknown to me
all these spirits tangled in their bodies
marching towards the great unknown
A wise man told me once that in the end we’re only just
walking one another home
tick tock goes the clock spinning on this ancient rock
to see it all as one design
is enough to blow my mind
but I know, nothing can exist without the here and now


Only in the darkness of light
born from the moments of despair
can we transcend our thoughts
and finally be aware.