1. Little Townie

From the recording Rise Up

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John Beacher- Lead/backing vocals, guitar
Mike Ruhl- Bass
Neal Carson- Keys
Michaels Ronstadt- Cello
Rob Kominsky- Drums
Dana Alexandra- Backing vocals


Little Townie

Splashing around in this mud puddle town
try’na date your daddy, addicted to the letdowns
it’s so tragic how you’re trading all your magic for shame
I think it’s sad how bad you want to be bad
searching the streets for a self respect you’ve never had
his words at your throat you can't help but be devoted to pain
don’t let yourself get crushed by the weight
You don’t need to be the victim of your self hate
put on your boots and start running gitl before it’s too late

Oh little towny what you gonna do
Your mama's worried
And I'm worried too
you’re getting bound
to the schwag in this town
New Hope you know it lies with it’s name
gets into your veins
leaves you stupid and stained
don’t get bound
to the schwag in this town

Verse 2
Another day rainy and grey
one thing’s clear I don’t believe a damn word you say
only last night you told me that you needed some space
I don’t care who when or where
you got more tangles in your stories than you do in your hair
From my arms to his how can you live with all this egg on your face
just one thing I can’t shake
there’s something in a person’s eyes that baby even you can’t fake
hope you don’t get caught drowning in his dirty wake


Verse 3
You’re gonna do what you want to do
but when you hit the bottom baby you know who to turn to
I spent my own time running into brick walls too
But faith ain't cheap you gotta take a leap
or soomer or later you become the company you keep
I just don’t want to see the light snubbed out in you
but I can’t stand around to see
maybe when you’re older they’ll be Some place for you and me
just remember nothing worthwhile comes for free