From the recording Rise Up

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John Beacher- Lead/backing vocals, guitar
Mike Ruhl- Bass
Neal Carson- Keys
Michaels Ronstadt- Cello
Rob Kominsky- Drums
Dana Alxandra- Backing vocals


You Are the One

Seems like ever since the start
I have lived in dedication to my heart
always searching for the one
whose love I’ve known since the universe begun
And now it’s here in your eyes
it's alive and wild and free
there is no way to describe
How deeply this love moves in me
I hear your voice
and I know just where I'm supposed to be
you are my destiny


I don’t need to look no more my search is done
this love it burns with life my darling
greater than the sun
I feel like my true life’s only just begun
long as the earth keeps spinning I’ll be grinning
because I’ve found the one
You are the one

Now the longing I once knew
has been replaced by all the light I’ve found in you
my eyes don’t wander any more
for it is clear you are the one I was made for
And now this love it has grown
into a love so stable and true
I see the look in your eyes
and I know you feel the same way that I do
there’s a smile on my face
It’s such a wonderful place
every day is so new
I want it all with you