1. Elephant Call

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Elephant Call

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Elephant Call

Magnificent beauties, graceful and free
Like migrating mountains across the fields of the Serengeti
Gentle giants with such wonderful minds
Keystone creatures bound by design

And they are dying for their innocence
And they are dying for unknown greed
And they are dying and their blood it stains is all
Oh friends, hear the elephant call

There's a struggling young man feet bare to the earth
Broken by desperation from the day of his birth
A hundred dollars for the tusk of a bull
His kids will eat for a year until their bellies are full

And he is killing in his innocence
And he is killing for unkown greed
And he is killing and the blood it stains us all
Oh friends, hear the elephant call

These creatures morn their ancestors
Just as we mourn our own
The bone piles of their fallen
Are as sacred as a headstone
We have no right to own them
Be it new or be it old
So the only way to stop it
Is to stop it
From being sold

So they’ll stop dying in their innocence
So they’ll stop dying for all this greed
So they’ll stop dying with a blood that stains us all
Oh friends, hear the elephant call.